another door

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When God close a door, he always open an another door.


I want to jump onto the water, although I am founded by you who are so hungry…

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Don’t cry, it’s not over.

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Life just goes by like a river.

So don’t try to catch your last memory.

It is just last thing.


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          Last saturday Li, Jaehee, Halen and me had a party to say “good-bye” with Mikere and his girlfriend Alice who is a owner of the biggist Italian web site on Japanese culture something. Alice had a great wonderful smile and she was so down to earth. We ate Okonomiyaki and Yaki-soba as dinner together  (although I mistook to order grllied seafood something at the first!) and went to a karaoke to sing together.

          After that, we were in the standing bar which Davide’s yard for around 30 min and finally we drank in the izakaya that had made us drunken heavily a few weeks ago. (We were with Nomihodai, but we were not drunken in this time)  Halen came lately to farewell  with Mikere although it was busy day for him. Halen told us he would come back to our school with precolleage student visa on this June and had a plan to study and part-time job as a English teacher at the same time for 1 year since this June.

         During the funny hanging out together, we were smiling, laughing and giggling. We were so happy because we were together.

         At the last time to say-good bye in front of Shibuya Station, Jaehee weeped tears. Mikere was also bursted in the tears behind us. Li asked Mikere to be genki and hugged with him for a while. Halen also cheered up Mikere with warm-words. I said to farewell simply patting a his shoulder, “We can meet each other after 6 months when you come back to our school on September, so don’t cry. Just be genki!”

         However I could not stand my tears, after Mikere and Alice disappeared into the entrance of the station. I didn’t know why exactly, but the unexpected-sudden tears of Mikere made me sorrowful.  Jaehee told that was why we are Korean who thinks the human relationps so important.

         On my way home, I thought I was so lucky because I could get wonderful friends for very short term. On this month, we also have to farewell with Li who already has extended 2 month. As you know, Li is hired now by a gigantic English company, so it might be a long parting with him for us.

         I will say good bye to Li with big smile because we are so young and we don’t have to stay ‘at this moment’. We might always get new experience & people and have to do in our life. For us, FAREWELL is just another NEW START.

         Let’s say good-bye pleasantly because our friendship and memories will not be disappeared in our hearts although time goes by.




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           A few days ago, there was an affair that illegal street vendors were moved compulsory in a local market in Korea. Actually all most street vendors do not pay taxes, their illegal occupation with their carts on the street always prevent citizen walking. Also they are not under the control of the goverment health department, so their foods on the vendors can not be sure to be right for buyer’s health. It might be the last choice of the city goverment after warning for the vendors in so many times.

           Although there might be so many proper reasons to move them, I felt strong anger from my heart deeply. As you know I like DDeokBoKi (トッポキ) so much among Korean foods. I almost have eaten  DDeokBoKi (トッポキ) everyday in Korea. DDeokBoKi (トッポキ) is very popular food and it is sold by gigantic stores of malls sometimes, but almost all it is done on the street by poor street vendors, DDeokBoKi AZumMa (トッポキ おばさん).  The DDeokBoKi AZumMa (トッポキ おばさん) are almost 50~60 aged old women and they are the head of their families, so wasted  DDeokBoKi (トッポキ) on the street by the goverment’s officers, was valuable property for living the day of her family’s.

            Always social justice is on the side of the haves in this world. The wasted pride of the DDeokBoKi AZumMa (トッポキ おばさん) on the street and her tears from this cruel world made me cry all day long at the day.

            It were my first tears in Tokyo.


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